Realtor-Art aka Bermano Art was founded by International Top Selling artist Joel Bermano.

In 2017 Bermano was chosen from 30 of the Worlds Top artists to paint for Pope Francis at The Vatican, quite the achievement considering Bermano only stared painting in 2011.

Realizing that Real Estate Brokers could    easily create an additional revenue stream for themselves buy offering art for sale to their  prospective clients was a no brainer for Bermano.

Real Estate Brokers are the first people in line to advise and recommend artists and art to prospective new home buyers or renters. In addition staging a home with high end art can make all the difference in a closing a deal ,so much so that In certain circumstances the art can literally sell the home . This is exactly what happed to Bermano in 2019 when a client called Bermano to say that they sold their apt for 4.5 million Dollars and that the buyer made it a condition of sale that Bermano’s Lion painting stay in the house.

We have made it very easy for you the broker to become a turnkey art agent and gallerist. When you ‘partner’ with us you earn a 20 percent commission on gross sales that arise from promoting the art to your clients.We will provide you with physical literature to give to prospective clients and an amazing website. EVEN if a client does not close on a property with the broker they may very well buy a painting from us which is absolutely amazing for the realtor as they can make money without actually doing a real estate transaction.

On the home staging front we provide a full service operation. We will deliver and hang all the art for a one off nominal fee normal $100 with no monthly rental fees and the realtor will earn a 25 percent commission on gross sales.

Who better to partner with than a person who has become a very success artist and who is helping other amazing artists build their names in the Art World (in other words Bermano.)

Welcome to the Magical World of Art, we look forward to partnering with you.

Bermano’s philanthropic approach to his art career, has resulted in over $200 000 being donated to the following charities.
Operation Smile , Cattle Barons Ball and The American Cancer Society, The Make a Difference Foundation, Ubuntu Cares, The Ladanian Thomlinson Foundation, The Family Place and the Family Gateway and Water Thirst Today.